Glover Property Management is a residential and commercial rental property company operating in the Marblehead, Massachusetts area. We feature a large portfolio of residential, commercial and HOA properties for tenants in Marblehead as well as selective rental properties in Salem, Reading and Lynn.

In business since 1983, our staff has over 30 years of real estate and property management experience. With dedicated, reliable and honest property management services, we strive to please a diverse range of tenants to fulfill their rental management needs. We work with college students, working professionals, families, retirees and businesses to reach their real estate goals so they can build strong communities in the Massachusetts area.

If you are looking for a studio apartment, waterfront single family home, HOA, commercial office property or even medical building, contact Glover Property Management. Let our capable staff take care of your rental property needs so you can find the right place that fits into your budget.